Mystic of the Midway

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It's the final years of the Crystal Beach amusement park. Effie and her friends race through the midway to uncover the secrets of the town's current residents and some from it's distant past.

You see Effie isn't your average girl. After a horrible accident Effie is able to see and hear things. She only hopes that the things she sees and hears are telling her something and not a sign of her losing her mind!.
Crystal Beach was a real amusement park that operated for almost a century 1890-1989 in Crystal Beach Ontario Canada. 

​Although Crystal Beach was real, the characters and events that appear in Mystic of the Midway are probably not.

Mystic of the Midway will be available for order soon. As soon as it is, the site will be updated with everything you need to get a copy.
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Mystic of the Midway will be published by Writers-Exchange E-Publishing, WEE. 

WEE has been at the forefront of e-publishing since 2000. Their impressive longevity can be attributed to their commitment to publishing numerous award winning works and they boast a roster of best-selling authors. More info about WEE can be found on their website and facebook page: ,   

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